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      Hello, welcome to zhengzhou jinou Welding Material Manufacturing Co,.Ltd The official website!

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      Service hotline:13603452026
      Henan zhengzhou xinzheng sino-german industrial park building no. 88

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      Zhengzhou Jinou Welding Material Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a company dedicated to brazing materials production, sales and brazing processing technical services for the integration of high-tech enterprises. Products sold throughout the country, and has exported to Korea, Japan, Middle East, Europe and other places, has a good reputation and perfect after-sales service system.

      My company has strong research and development capabilities and advanced production technology and equipment, developed is suitable for various automated production of solder and solder special specifications, and can customize according to customer needs brazing material, provides the brazing process and form a complete set of soldering flux, at present, king art welding has already become one of the country's largest manufacturer of soldering materials, has a leading international (1.6 mm diameter) tiny silver ring welding production technology, and our company production of metal solder paste series has been in the domestic and foreign automobile engine key parts, automobile new energy battery, has been widely applied in the power switch, etc.

      The company mainly produces all kinds of silver based solder, copper base solder and related brazing solvent brazing materials such as series of products, our company adhere to "people-oriented, quality first, good faith cooperation" value the management way of company brand benefit, the concept of "service first, the pursuit of innovation" to train personnel for the enterprise spirit, strive to provide meet customer needs and expectations of high quality products and services, after years of development experience, our company has accumulated a lot of practice brazing are available according to customer request processing technology services, at present our solder products are widely used in battery, new energy car air conditioning refrigeration, cutting tools, carbide tools, diamond tool, glasses, saw blades, refrigerators, metal hose, fitness equipment, medical equipment, fishing gear, bicycles, metal furniture, fire and other industries!

      The company take honestly as this, strictly the quality pass, to the interests and needs of customers. In further improving product quality at the same time, and constantly develop new products, to meet the needs of the market. "Make new friends, don't forget the old partner", we warmly welcome new and old customers to strengthen cooperation, create brilliant.

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      Address: Henan zhengzhou xinzheng sino-german industrial park building no. 88
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